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  1. 22 January 2024

    Electric Vehicles: Separating Fact from Fiction

    With all the buzz about electric and plug-in hybrid technology, it’s no wonder there’s plenty of myths about EVs. Let us address some of the most common electric vehicle myths so you can consider which EV technology is right for you.

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  2. 22 January 2024

    The Lowdown on Mitsubishi Warranties, Roadside Assistance & Servicing

    When you’re buying a new car, it’s easy to spend all your focus on the features. However, factors like your car warranty and auto servicing costs are also important to think about.

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  3. 10 November 2023

    A 'Battery on Wheels': Why EVs Can Do More Than Just Take You Places

    The arrival of the latest generation of smart vehicles, such as Mitsubishi’s Outlander Plug-In Hybrid EV (PHEV) – which can switch between its petrol engine and battery-powered twin electric motors – provides the opportunity to power our lives with clean energy.

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  4. 15 September 2023

    A Live Outlandish Journey: The Car, The Winner, and How You Can Be Next

    In a unique collaboration between Mitsubishi Motors Australia and television show "Have You Been Paying Attention?," a 2022 Mitsubishi Outlander Exceed was gifted to a fortunate winner, turning the idea of Living Outlandish into a reality.

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  5. 13 July 2023

    Four Tech Updates to Enhance Hybrid Lifestyles in 2023

    What does it mean to embrace a hybrid lifestyle that achieves maximum freedom, while also considering sustainability? We explore four upcoming tech releases that can help power a smarter and more flexible future.

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  6. 12 July 2023

    Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles and Solar Energy: Meet the Smart Tech that can Combat Rising Living Costs

    When it comes to clean, renewable energy, Australia is blessed with the most obvious source - the power of the sun - and with plug-in hybrid technology, you can use it to power your car.

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  7. 10 July 2023

    Wheel Measurement Explained: How it Differs from Tyre Size

    If you’re looking to change your car wheels, there can be a lot to consider. You may have come across recommendations for different wheel sizes, tyre sizes, and rim sizes. Wheel sizes themselves can also be difficult to understand, with numbered codes used to differentiate one option from another.

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  8. 10 July 2023

    4WD, AWD or 2WD: What's the difference?

    If you’re looking for a vehicle with both on-road and off-road performance, chances are you’ve seen cars with 4WD, AWD, and 2WD modes. Each mode has a use in giving you the best driving experience in different terrain and conditions. But what’s the difference, and how do they change the way your car works?

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  9. 13 June 2022

    Toby Price wins back-to-back in Triton Trophy Truck!

    Toby Price has won his 8th title at the Finke Desert Race, his 2nd win in the car category, and has finished in record time. Price and navigator Jason Duncan were already on record pace on the outbound leg to Aputula in his Mitsubishi Triton Trophy Truck and got back to Alice Springs in an aggregate time of 3:21:46.2s.

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  10. 16 May 2022

    Australian Firsts with Fitzy

    Long before Ryan Fitzgerald became one of Australia’s biggest radio personalities, known to most as ‘Fitzy’, he earned his stripes at Mitsubishi’s Adelaide factory from 1996 - 1998.

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