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  1. 25 January 2022

    Is There an Environmentally Friendly Vehicle in Your Future?

    Many Australians are considering an environmentally friendly vehicle for their next car, and with a variety of electric vehicle options in the market it can be a difficult task to negotiate associated acronyms and understand which type will best suit your needs. In this guide we will help you break them down so you can consider the advantages of owning a greener vehicle.

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  2. 26 November 2021

    Pandemic Leaves One Third of Aussies Feeling 'More Adventurous' and Wanting New Experiences

    A new survey by Mitsubishi Motors Australia shows a sense of hope and optimism is sweeping the nation – with more than one third of Aussies saying they feel more adventurous and willing to try something new, as compared to before the pandemic*. More than 40% of respondents indicated they plan to prioritise travel within their home state, whilst 31% are prioritising interstate travel and a quarter are looking forward to heading overseas.

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  3. 26 November 2021

    How to get there with Super All Wheel Control

    Want to learn a thing or two about having fun on four wheels? Jason Grech is your man. With more than 30 years of off-roading experience, he’s been there, done that, plus pretty much everything else (and everywhere) in between. As owner operator at one of Australia’s premiere 4WD training facilities, Jason is always up for an adventure and all the challenges that come with the territory. Join him as he puts the tough Triton GSR 4X4 4WD through its paces and shows you how to get there like a pro

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  4. 15 November 2021

    How’s Your EV IQ? Different Types of Electric Vehicle

    Let’s back up the vehicle for a moment and take a breath so we can get our collective heads around what EV, PHEV and Hybrid means.

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  5. 12 November 2021

    Mitsubishi's Eclipse Cross Plug-in Hybrid EV: Petrol, electric or both

    In November 2021, Stephen Corby wrote an article for the Weekend Australian explaining the features and benefits of Mitsubishi's Eclipse Cross Plug-in Hybrid vehicle. A copy of this article has been published below.

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  6. 31 October 2021

    A Guide To Getting Your Car Serviced

    From when to visit a mechanic, to increasing the lifespan of a car engine. This car servicing guide shares tips on what you need to know about servicing a vehicle.

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  7. 31 October 2021

    How to Avoid Driving Distractions

    Distracted driving can be a serious safety risk on the road. According to NSW Transport, taking your eyes off the road for just two seconds doubles the risk of a crash or near crash. However, with calls coming in on your phone, email alerts, and kids yelling from the back seat, it can be hard to stay focused. In this article, we share our top tips to avoid driving distractions and improve your focus.

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  8. 31 October 2021

    A Guide to Fuel Economy

    As petrol prices continue to rise, saving fuel becomes more important than ever for both the environment and your wallet. If you’re looking for how to save fuel, you need consider your driving, car maintenance, and the features of your car itself. Read on to find out our best fuel saving tips to help you improve your fuel economy.

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  9. 31 October 2021

    A Guide to Car Finance

    Finding the best car finance for your situation can be confusing. From pre-approval, to fixed and variable interest rates, establishment fees, and balloon charges, there’s a lot to wrap your head around. In this car finance guide, we breakdown the basics of dealer finance, and outline some key considerations before you buy.

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  10. 31 October 2021

    Emergency Car Safety Kit List

    Most people don’t think about the items in their car unless they’re packing a list of road trip essentials . However, heading on holiday isn’t the only time you should prepare for the unexpected. A well-stocked car emergency kit can help you perform simple repairs, safely wait out a breakdown, or even save your life. We’ve compiled a car safety kit list with 15 top must-haves. If you live or travel through remote areas, you can add extra essentials that suit your local conditions.

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