5 reasons why servicing your Mitsubishi with our specialists is the only way to go

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Mitsubishi Motors Australia has one of the best service intervals, meaning that you can spend less time off the road, less money on servicing and you’ll be protecting your investment by ensuring that your Mitsubishi gets the specialist care that only a Mitsubishi genuine service can deliver.

We can think of hundreds of benefits to having your Mitsubishi serviced at a certified Mitsubishi dealership, but we don’t want to keep you all day…so we have picked our top 5 reasons to get your vehicle serviced with us.  Because why wouldn’t you want anything but the best for your vehicle?!

1. You can choose from over 200 Mitsubishi authorised service centres across Australia with our National Network, meaning that we can fit into your busy schedule as seamlessly as possible

Mitsubishi offers the convenience of a dealer network with over 200 dealers, meaning you’re never too far away from your Mitsubishi service centre. Adding to this, it’s important to remember that all Mitsubishi Authorised Service Centres have access to Specialist tools and diagnostic equipment, ensuring that our dealerships are best placed to fully maintain your vehicle.

2. Peace of mind wherever you are, because servicing with us ensures that your Roadside Assist membership will be carried over to the next year

As you are most likely aware, under the Mitsubishi Capped Price Servicing Program, your vehicle is eligible for Mitsubishi Diamond Advantage Roadside Assistance. What you may not know is that if you decide to get your car serviced somewhere other than a Mitsubishi Motors servicing centre, you will no longer be eligible for Roadside Assistance… that’s not something you want to miss out on!

Benefits of Roadside Assist include:

  • 12 months Roadside Assist, providing coverage anywhere in Australia, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year through their State/Territory Auto Club
  • Coverage for 12 months and renewed free of charge for a further 12 months after the completion of each scheduled Capped Price Service event, for up to a maximum of 4 years from the vehicle’s warranty start date
  • Towing to nearest authorised Mitsubishi Dealership to breakdown site.
  • Battery replacement where battery warranty is still valid.
  • Emergency assistance for mechanical and non-mechanical failure, or towing if needed.
  • Access to a huge range of offers and discounts through their State/Territory Auto Club’s Show Your Card and Save program.

3. There will be no nasty surprises when it comes to servicing costs. We’ll cap the price of your service for a set number of years, meaning that you will never have to dip into that holiday fund to cover the cost of a car service

Mitsubishi’s Diamond Advantage Capped Price Servicing Program provides a calendar of services well into the future, so each time you need to have your vehicle serviced, it won’t take you by surprise and it won’t break the bank.  The service requirements of your vehicle are identified in the Periodic Inspection and Maintenance Schedule and only available from approved Mitsubishi Motors dealerships within Australia, meaning that it’s exclusive to you and your vehicle.

4. Absolutely nobody (and we’re not exaggerating here) knows your Mitsubishi like our highly skilled, qualified and passionate team

Our Mitsubishi Factory Technicians are trained specifically to understand the Mitsubishi brand range and will ensure that your vehicle is correctly serviced in accordance with the maintenance schedule. Your Mitsubishi Dealer will also advise you of any additional maintenance work required due to vehicle operating conditions.

5. Your beloved Mitsubishi will be given the best care there is with only genuine parts being used during the service

Mitsubishi dealers will only be using Genuine Parts to service your vehicle and with 12 month/20,000km nationwide warranty it’s a no brainer – don’t risk your vehicle being damaged by a service using parts not specific to the make and model of your Mitsubishi.