Mitsubishi models the top pick for low ownership costs in motoring club study

Two Mitsubishi models have been identified as the most economical cars to own and operate in their class according to latest, comprehensive car running costs study carried out by motoring clubs RAA (SA), RACT (Tasmania), RAC (WA), RACV (Victoria) and RACQ (Queensland).

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport

The Mitsubishi Pajero Sport GLX led the way in the resurgent All Terrain SUV category, undercutting rivals’ ownership costs across the first five years, particularly in key areas such as depreciation and purchase price.

Pajero Sport’s official fuel consumption of 8.0-litres/100km and competitive Capped Price Servicing costs – at $1,670 in the first 4 years/ 48,000km – all contributed to its best-in-class result.  

Meanwhile, the new generation Triton GLX 4x4 recorded the lowest running costs of vehicles tested in the 4WD Utility class. 

A favourite of private buyers, the Triton has long been the top pick for value and reliability in the LCV class.  Triton’s value is reinforced by the study, which shows that the GLX 4x4 has the lowest recommended retail price and depreciation of the 4x4 LCVs tested.

The thorough annual study looks at the running costs of more than 125 vehicles in all categories during the first five years of ownership, encompassing the on-road purchase price, registration costs, fuel, insurance, depreciation, servicing and other ownership expenses.