Preparing your vehicle for the ultimate road trip

Australians love outdoor adventures. It is no wonder that a lot of Australian families love to embark on epic road trips on weekends or during the holidays.

Whether you choose to visit the iconic sights of the Twelve Apostles, Great Ocean Road, Kakadu, Kangaroo Island or you just want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city with a beach weekend it is a fantastic way to bod with the family. Even a quick getaway is a great chance for families to reconnect, recharge, and have a break from normal routine.

Preparing for a road trip is the key to having a safe and enjoyable time away. Read our guide below, and find out how to prepare your vehicle for the ultimate holiday.

Maintaining your vehicle for a road trip

The first step to preparing your car is to make sure you’re properly maintaining your vehicle for a road trip. Consider taking your car for a service before you hit the road. You should also check the following before you leave:

  • Tyres: Check the tyre pressure, and inflate if required. Also check for any excessive or uneven wear, cuts, or sharp objects that may have become embedded
  • Fluids: Check the levels of coolant, engine oil, and also your windscreen washer reservoir, and refill as required
  • Lights and indicators: Check all your lights and indicators are working, or if you need any replacements
  • Brakes: If you’ve noticed any strange sounds or other noises when braking, it’s important to have these checked by a qualified mechanic before you set out
Car being serviced before a road trip

Making more space for adventure

When you hit the highway for a road trip, you’ll have to carry everything you need in your car. If you’re planning to carry a lot of camping or adventure gear, this isn’t as easy as it sounds. Once you’ve compiled your packing list, compare this to the amount of cargo your car can safely hold.

If your car seems a little short on space, or you’re planning on packing more than is safe to carry inside, there’s no need to worry. When preparing for a road trip, you have several options at your disposal to make more space.


Roof racks with crossbars

The simplest option to add more space is to install a roof rack. Roof racks are great for carrying large family luggage and vital vehicle maintenance tools safely and comfortably on the car’s roof. These open up fun possibilities for your trip by letting you bring along surfboards, kayaks, fishing rods, tents or bikes. That way you can make the most of your time away without having to be packed up to the chin inside the car.

Roof racks with crossbars are preferred as they help to evenly distribute any luggage you carry on a road trip across the roof, keeping your SUV well balanced even with a generous load capacity. If you’re driving a Mitsubishi, take advantage of our genuine accessories roof racks, engineered to the highest standards and available with a load capacity to suit your vehicle.

Outlander Roof Rack

Carrier pods

If you’re planning to carry lots of smaller items that can’t easily be attached to a roof rack, a carrier pod could be the answer. These specially designed roof boxes help protect family luggage from harsh weather conditions whilst on the road. Most importantly, carrier pods help keep your luggage secure when your car is parked in a public area, with several lock points to give you peace of mind. Enjoy heading out to the water or sleep soundly knowing that your things are safe and secure.

Mitsubishi Car Carrier Pod


Towing can be a great way to carry those extras that really make a holiday special – like a boat, caravan, or trailer.  You can also tow a bike carrier to explore the numerous bike tracks at your destination.

If you’re planning to tow, you’ll need to make sure your vehicle is properly fitted with a towbar kit. These kits typically contain a towbar, tongue, wiring harness and 7-pin flat plug. For Mitsubishi drivers, our genuine accessories towbar kit has been engineered and tested specifically for your vehicle, and also includes our trusted warranty.

Mitsubishi Car Towbar Kit

Final touches for the road ahead

Your car is almost ready to go, just a few more touches to make packing and travelling a smooth experience. Before you set off, give your car a good clean – including the windscreen. It will make for a much more pleasant trip. You may also want to install a car trash bin to spare your car’s interior from the grime of snacks, drinks, and more.

You can also consider a boot flap scuff guard to protect your vehicle paintwork from scuffs, chips, scratches and general wear and tear when you’re loading and unloading your car during your trip. It’s a particularly good safeguard against unloading heavy items or big suitcases so you can keep your vehicle looking its best for longer. The Mitsubishi Outlander boot flap scuff guard also folds away for easy storage when you’re done.

Mitsubishi Car bootflap scuff guard

Lastly, take the time to properly adjust the driver and passenger seats for the most comfort possible. You’ll appreciate it on the road ahead!

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