The Ultimate Guide To Test Driving A New Car

The test drive is a vital part of finding the perfect car. It’s an unparalleled opportunity to test the feel of the car and the interior comfort, and look for anything unexpected. In this guide, we explain what you can expect when you test drive a new car, and give our best new car tips.

Before you test drive a new car

Getting ready for the test drive is just as important as the drive itself. Here’s what you can do to set up for success.

Bring a friend

When you’re driving, you’ll have your eyes on the road – and while you’ll get a good sense of the driving experience, there may be things that you miss. A second pair of eyes is invaluable in picking up details of the passenger experience, and getting an alternative point of view.

Choose the right model

If you’re able to choose which model to test drive, pick one as close to the car you hope to buy as possible. This can include body style, engine, and transmission. If you’re choosing an upgraded model for a particular feature, such as the Super All Wheel Control on the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV, see if you can drive a model with this feature.

Get comfortable with the car

Take a look at each part of the car, and sit in it for a little while before the test drive starts. Open the boot and doors and sit in different parts of the car for the full experience. Depending on the car you are test driving, here are some things to test before you start:

  • Try out the audio or display features, including the Smartphone link Display Audio if test-driving a Mitsubishi
  • On SUV models such as the Outlander and Pajero Sport, fold up and down rear seats and check for ease of use and cargo space. You can also check the boot space.
  • Try the climate controls
  • Adjust the driver’s seat and mirrors to make sure you’re comfortable
  • Don’t be afraid to ask the dealer questions during this process, you want to get the best understanding of the car you can before you set out on your drive.

During the drive

When you test drive a new car, there’s a lot to look out for. Here are some things to consider during the drive itself:

  • Consider the route, and make sure the experience is as close to your daily driving experience as possible
  • Try out all the controls and main switches, such as the lights, wipers, audio and air-conditioning controls
  • Check the car’s acceleration and braking for comfort and responsiveness
  • Try reverse and parallel parking and test out features such as reverse cameras and sensors
  • Try out a few difficult manoeuvres, such as tight corners, hills, and congested traffic
  • Listen to the sounds the car is making, and for overall road noise
  • If you’re driving a car with multiple drive modes, such as the Pajero Sport Super Select II, try out the 2WD and 4WD modes.
Person test driving a car

After the drive

Take time after the drive to think about your experience. You’ll most likely have additional questions for the sales person after you test drive a new car, and your friend may as well. Make sure you’re happy with your understanding of all the features and the car itself.

Booking a test drive with Mitsubishi

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