Mitsubishi Genuine Accessories

Why buy genuine?

Your new Mitsubishi is more than a car. It’s an indispensable element of your lifestyle that enables you to live, work and play the way you choose. Mitsubishi Genuine Accessories fine tune your new vehicle to your own personal specifications, styling, protecting and enhancing it with the rigorous design and build quality you expect from Mitsubishi, all backed by a Mitsubishi factory warranty.

Mitsubishi Accessories

Built to endure

It’s tough on the streets and even tougher off road. Protect your new Mitsubishi inside and out with Mitsubishi Genuine Accessories. Choose body protection and enhancement for heading bush or surviving the urban jungle, and interior protection and practical cargo solutions to meet the everyday challenges posed by families, pets, toys and tools. All with the peace of mind that comes from the perfect fit and function of Mitsubishi Genuine Accessories.

Built to Endure
Built for your lifestyle

Built for your lifestyle

There’s a Mitsubishi Genuine Accessory to suit your life, however you live it. It might be the towbar that gets your caravan to that favourite spot with the family. The roof rack carrying your bike to ride that epic trail. The cargo barrier that helps you safely carry the whole team and all their gear, all at once. Or the neoprene seat covers to take the ick factor out of those inevitable spills. Mitsubishi Genuine Accessories fit your lifestyle as perfectly as they fit your Mitsubishi.

Built just for you

Built just for you

For a hectic commute, a hardworking day or a long-haul adventure, it’s the personal details that make a new Mitsubishi your new Mitsubishi. Make a stylish statement, haul a heavy load, manoeuvre safely – there are many ways to personalise your new vehicle. Enhanced aesthetics, functionality, capacity, protection, comfort and safety can all be specified on your new vehicle, with Genuine Accessories designed to fit and function perfectly.

Accessory Packs

Mitsubishi Genuine Accessory Packs are an easy and effective way to personalise your new vehicle. A variety of packs are available, each made up of selected accessories that go together well. Choices include Safety and Protection Packs, Style Packs, Tow and Stow Packs, Adventure Packs and many more. Of course you can always choose individual enhancements from our extensive list of Genuine Accessories.

Accessory Packs
Built for peace of mind

Built for peace of mind

Make sure your new car experience is worry-free. Unlike aftermarket accessories, Mitsubishi Genuine Accessories are covered by a Mitsubishi Factory Warranty of up to 10 years⋄6.

  • Fitted from new - When Mitsubishi Genuine Accessories are fitted to your new vehicle at the time of delivery, they are covered by the Mitsubishi Diamond Advantage Genuine Accessories 5 year/100,000kmK26 Warranty. Or, if the vehicle is eligible for the Extended New Car Warranty, Genuine Accessories will be covered up to a maximum of 10 years or 200,000 km (whichever occurs first)⋄5.
  • Dealer fitted - When Genuine Accessories are fitted by a Mitsubishi Dealer after the owner has taken delivery of the new car, Genuine Accessories are warranted for whichever is the greater of the following: 12 months or 20,000 kmK26; or the balance of the Standard New Car Warranty of 5 years or 100,000 km Warranty; or, if the vehicle is eligible for the Extended New Car Warranty, Genuine Accessories will be covered up to a maximum of 10 years or 200,000 kmK26⋄5.
  • Third party installation - If not fitted by a Mitsubishi Dealer, Genuine Accessories are covered for 12 months or 20,000 kmK26.

See the range of Mitsubishi Genuine Accessories

  1. Eclipse Cross

    Eclipse Cross

  2. ASX


  3. Outlander


  4. Pajero Sport

    Pajero Sport

  5. Triton


  6. All-New Triton

    All-New Triton

  7. Eclipse Cross PHEV

    Eclipse Cross PHEV

  8. Outlander PHEV

    Outlander PHEV

K26 Whichever occurs first. 

⋄5 Except where items are expressly excluded or for which a separate warranty applies.

⋄6 When fitted to new vehicle at time of delivery and eligible for Extended New Car Warranty.